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Our Projects

Pi Platform

Unified Secure Communications and Services Platform based on Zero Trust principles for cyber security, user and service identity management (UIM & SIM).

Verified by Pi

Unique platform designed to verify the origin of the photos and the documents while establishing trust between the users.


SnaPi is a new shopping method based on the use of QR codes. This service enables users to make payments in just 10 seconds...


Integrated solution for quality management and regulatory compliance for medical companies looking to qualify for ISO 13485 and meet other global standards such as CE, FDA, ANVISA, etc.

Stay At Home

The Verified by Pi®: STAY AT HOME portal for Authorities provides an easy way to determine the location and radius of movement for all persons under restriction. Any movement outside the zone would alert the authorities.

ID by Pi

Reduce fraud, create trust, and determine if an ID is authentic and belongs to the user.

Vault by Pi

Data security needed to be certified to PCI DSS and to support EU GDPR standard for customer data security.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard: Complete PCI DSS technical solution.

Argus Platform

Solution for organisations managing social care, civil society, and care for the most vulnerable groups.

Cyber Security

If your system comes under attack or has endemic weaknesses, our testing will discover the weak points, enabling them to be shored up and protected.

Medical device software and international standards compliance

Software development processes and activities following the IEC 62304 standard.


Development and testing of application packaging and virtualisation solutions for Cloudhouse. Cloudhouse is preferred supplier supporting customers to drive server migration to AWS & provide end of life support for Windows 2008


The next generation of ground penetrating radar. Sophisticated software for processing and displaying data obtained by scanning with 3D radar antenna.


APL-based development environment that allows efficient conversion of ideas into software solutions. Multi-platform library (Windows, Linux, OS X, RaspberryPi) implemented with Chromium Embedded Framework.

BELEXFIX improvement

Technical solutions for modifications of the BELEXFIX information system, in line with EU trading standards.


MaxCompiler, the highly versatile programming tool suite and IDE for Java developers designing accelerated applications. MaxIDE is an Eclipse-based development environment to maximize programmer productivity.


Leading open source platform for strategy-driven trading. All the tools for strategy automation, integrated market data, multi-destination FIX routing, broker neutrality, and more.


Advanced turn-up and maintenance tools for VoIP and Unified Communications.


Powerful and versatile imaging tool, Optical coherence tomography (OCT), that provides objective measurement of multiple parameters in skin research.